Dog Paw Protection Wax

Some pet owners don’t realize that a dog’s paws have to have protection year’ round. When dogs walk on sand – whether it’s beach sand or regular yard sand – the granules can rub the pads and irritate them.

In the summertime, this sand gets extremely hot – so hot that it can cause external burns all over the pad. When this happens, the pet will find it difficult to walk. Your dog may adjust the way he tries to move around, which can then lead to hip and joint problems.

That’s why you want to use paw protection wax. This wax coats your dog’s paws and keeps them protected. If you’re concerned about putting the product on your dog and having him slip and slide all over your tile floors, don’t be.

The wax won’t make your dog slide – even if he’s running or jumping on the tile. Also, if you don’t take your dog to places like the beach (where the sand gets ultra hot), you still need to protect his paw pads.

Dogs can get environmental irritants like the salt that workers put on sidewalks or the streets when there’s a snow or ice storm. The chemical irritants in that salt can burn your dog’s pads just like walking on the hot sand can.

When you put the wax on, it prevents the salt from damaging his paws. Plus, a bonus is that when the temperatures get too cold, the wax protects his pads from cracking.

Dryness and specific health conditions can cause a dog’s pads to crack, and it becomes painful for him to walk. His pads can even bleed. This wax coats his pads and helps prevent those painful cracks.

The product is thick and provides your pet with protection – but it’s not so thick that it makes your dog unable to grip the ground. Your dog can still go on hikes with you, on walks in the park, or wherever you usually take him.

Not only does the product keep your dog safe from hot sand, but it protects from the hot pavement as well. Plus, your dog will get protection against rough terrain and ice burns. The wax protects your dogs’ feet like it’s wearing dog shoes – only it’s a lot more comfortable and better for him to use.

There are no harsh chemicals in the wax. It’s natural and made up of organic materials. It’s a non-toxic protectant that your dog will be glad to have on. To use, you just put on a thin layer of the wax, making sure that you get between the toe area. The wax does go on wet but dries fast.

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